Cancellation & Refund Policy

1. Cancellation Policy

1.1. Service Agreement: When you initiate a project with us, the details, timeline, and cost of the project will be mutually agreed upon in a service agreement. Please read this agreement carefully as it will outline the conditions under which a project can be canceled.

1.2. Cancellation by Client: If you wish to cancel your service request, please contact us as soon as possible. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the project initiation will be eligible for a full refund. If the cancellation is made after this period, please refer to our refund policy below.

1.3. Cancellation by Sridhanvi: We reserve the right to cancel a project due to unforeseen circumstances or conditions outside our control. In such cases, clients will be notified promptly and will receive a full refund.

2. Refund Policy

2.1. Eligibility for Refund: Refunds will be issued based on the progress of the project and the work completed up to the point of cancellation.

2.2. Full Refunds: Full refunds are only possible if the cancellation is made within 24 hours of project initiation or if the cancellation is made by us.

2.3. Partial Refunds: If the project has been initiated and work has begun, a partial refund will be calculated based on the percentage of work completed. The amount to be refunded will be determined by deducting the cost of the work already done from the initial project fee.

2.4. No Refunds: No refunds will be issued for projects that have been completed or are in the final stages of completion.

2.5. Processing Time: Refunds will be processed within 14 days of the cancellation request and will be credited back to the original payment method.

3. Feedback and Complaints

If you're unsatisfied with our services or have feedback, we urge you to contact us directly. We're committed to ensuring that our clients are satisfied, and we'll do our best to address any concerns.

4. Contact

For any questions or clarifications related to our cancellation and refund policy, please contact us at